Our philosophy can be summed up by the five attributes that, taken together, have served us well for the past ten years.


There's a French proverb that goes: 'authority has no partner' and partnership is a core element of our philosophy. It means listening to our clients, suppliers and investors and responding promptly and with intelligence. It means explaining design and development procedures and solution pathways. It means helping our partners help us reach shared goals and achieve mutual satisfaction; and it's this that is most important to us.


Naturally, success in any business involves the 'staples' of logic and analysis. We know that relying on these alone won't add that certain 'pzazz' that using the right hemisphere of the brain will. Synthesising new ideas, grasping essential relationships and thinking visually are all fundamental if we want to create cutting-edge solutions. Albert Einstein once said 'logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere' and we believe that's right on the money.


For us, innovation means generating substantial changes, not just in the way we use technology to enhance our programmes and solutions, but in finding more effective ways of engaging and communicating with all our partners. We know from experience that to make enhancements to our processes and services, we have to combine creative insight with a disciplined methodology; and thinking about how to do things better is a step closer to creating compelling customer value.


Creativity is adding two plus two and making five. It's the mysterious process of bringing to life something that didn't exist before, something both new and fit-for-purpose. We believe that it needs passion, commitment, courage and whole-brain thinking and that nothing of value is possible without it. We also believe that fostering independent thinking, risk-taking and learning, and combining right-brain vision and artistry with left-brain problem-solving and organisation is one way to achieve it.


In terms of physics, 'potential' energy is that which is stored in an object or body. The stored potential energy at the top of a waterfall is converted to kinetic energy as it falls. Our ultimate goal is to help and support our audiences cultivate their stored capabilities. We believe that providing opportunities for engagement and challenge are key to this. They are both prerequisite to commitment. That said, we also understand that help and support are also essential to maintaining the muscle growth that potential needs.