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1 hour 30 minutes
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1 hour 30 minutes
Healthcare Learning: Smile-on, wy10, Smile Studio

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Professional Teeth Whitening with Wyman

When it comes to teeth whitening the two big issues dentists are concerned with are ‘Is it pain free?’ and ‘Is it effective?’. The answer to both is Yes, if it is done correctly. The Professional Teeth Whitening with Wyman eLearning programme will show you how you can consistently get great results without causing any pain or discomfort to you patients.

Through years of clinical research, Wyman Chan has revolutionised the teeth whitening process. His effective results and painless methods have propelled Wyman into Britain’s most trusted teeth whitening dentist, and the celebrities go-to-guy for smile transformations. Healthcare Learning: Smile-on has worked together with Wyman to transfer his knowledge and skills into a useful eLearning resource.

Course Objectives:

The programme aims to teach you the theory and practical knowledge of teeth whitening so you too can safely and successfully provide whitening treatments to your patients. The programme also includes a step-by-step practical video guide showing Wyman applying these methods to a patient.

The programme has been divided into the following six topics:

Topic 1 – Aetiology and Diagnosis of Teeth Discolouration
Topic 2 – What is Teeth Whitening?
Topic 3 – Shade Taking and Records
Topic 4 – Methods of Teeth Whitening
Topic 5 – Practical step-by-step chairside whitening
Topic 6 – Prevention and Management of Sensitivity

Licensing Information:

This product is licensed for a single user.

System Requirements:

The minimum requirements for the programme are:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista or later
  • 500MHz or faster processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • Soundcard
  • Mac users need to have OS X or above

It is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 using a 24-bit colour setting.