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On The Record

On the Record explores and demonstrates where, why and how patient records fit into good dental practice, using an engaging mix of theory, concepts and practical examples. It may well provide you with some new insights into the role of record keeping, and go some way towards improving your practice.

Course Objectives:

'On the Record' is a 60 minute programme which takes a detailed look at record keeping in dentistry and demonstrates how comprehensive and accurate record keeping can fit into good dental practice. Topics include the following:

Topic 1: Why Keep Records?

  • The purpose of record keeping
  • The nature of memory and its limitations
  • How good record keeping can improve patient care

Topic 2: Principles of Record Keeping

  • The requirements of a patient record
  • The importance of being able to track treatment
  • The importance of patient records that are:

    • meaningful
    • intelligible
    • chronological
    • contemporaneous
  • Facilitate the monitoring and tracking of patient treatment
  • Improve patient-centred care and reduce risk
  • Provide a basis for professional development in practice
  • Be used to demonstrate and audit clinical performance.

Topic 3: Personalised Records

  • The content of the patient record - both clinical and non-clinical
  • How it will differ according to the individual patient and the treatment being provided
  • How context influences content
  • The evolving and changing nature of record keeping

Topic 4: Records and the Dental Team

  • The implications and limitations of single authorship of patient records and how these can be overcome
  • The advantages of delegating record authorship to other members of the dental team
  • How other team members can be integrated into the record keeping process

Topic 5: The Changing Face of Records

  • The relative advantages and limitations of patient records in their various formats
  • The role of records in clinical audit
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • The dangers of falsified records

Licensing Information:

This programme is licensed for unlimited use on 2 computers. Each license will give you access to print 10 CPD certificates. 5 certificates on each computer.

System Requirements:

The minimum requirements for the programme are:

  • Windows XP or later
  • 500MHz or faster processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • Soundcard
  • Mac users need to have OS X or above

It is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 using a 24-bit colour setting.